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Syma X5SW FPV RC Quadcopter with real time video
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Syma X5SW FPV RC Quadcopter with real time video

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Control, record and view real time with this fantastic quadcopter!

SHIPPED FROM: United Arab Emirates (Always!)

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Brand Name:Syma     
Model Number:Syma X5SW
State of Assembly: Ready-To-Fly(RTF)    
Controller Battery:4"AA"batteries(not include)     
Controller Mode:MODE2(left throttle hand)     
Remote Distance: About 50 Meters        
Features: Shatter Resistant     
Charging Voltage:3.7V 500mAh Lithium battery     
Charging Time:About 120 Minutes (USB charging)     
Plugs Type: USB     
Remote Control:Yes
Channel : 4CH with 6 Axis          
Video Time: About 30 Minutes

The FPV aircraft can fly indoor or outdoor, it can photo and video FPV ,360 degree 3D rolling all-around, headless function. Specially, it can Real-time transmission.
X5SW-1 is multifunction and more powerful than X5C. The X5SW-1 has been upgraded, the shell is shiny and high quality, the reinforced landing gear, the HD Camera and so on. You will enjoy playing it when you buy it.
Package included:     
1 x SYMA X5SW-1 Quadcopter     
1 x Transmitter     
1 x 3.7V 500mAh Li-poly Battery     
4 x Blades     
1 x USB Charger           
1 x Support frame     
1 x Screwdriver    


augie Rating 11/02/2016
which is much responsive cam x5sw or x5sc? and what is the different between the two?.. i cant decide.
UAEQUADCOPTERS: X5SW camera is FPV camera (real time) and around 1MegaPixel. and camera for X5SC is 2MP but not real time camera.
Please let me know the flying time 17/09/2015
The flying time is about 8 min.
Rashed 13/07/2015
If i wanted to buy this product how can i choose the colour because as far as i can see there is black and white
UAEQUADCOPTERS: Hi Rasheed, It is available now. You can choose your own colour now. Any problem please do let us know.

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