10 Most Popular Mini Drones in 2019

Syma X12S Nano UAE DUBAI

10 Most Popular Mini Drones in 2019.

There is a high chance that when you step out of your house, you might catch a mini-drone or two flying around in the neighbourhood. From personal applications to commercial needs, mini-drones are taking over gradually. These small but efficient drones are amazing to pilot, and a great way to get yourself abreast with the drone-frenzy. There is no denying it that drones are now part of the everyday life most persons staying in Dubai, and the UAE at large.

Once thought to be a luxurious item, mini-drones have levelled the playing field, and have made drones affordable for most people, and their design makes it easy for rookies to try their hands on flying. So, whether you are looking for some indoor drones to have fun with, or you are looking for a mini-drone that you can pilot around your neighbourhood, there is something to match your taste.

In assisting readers in picking the best mini drones for their various needs, we’ve created this extensive review guide to look atmosphere the 10 most popular mini drones for 2019. Go through the product review, see which mini drone makes the list.


1. DJI Tello Drone


DJI Tello in Dubai (2019)

The DJI Tello is a magnificent mini drone for some many reasons. For the features it guarantees, you will be so amazed at the price it attracts. Don’t let the small size of this mini drone fool you; it can function way beyond expectation. It comes with a simple but yet stylish design, that gives it a fabulous look. What’s more? This mini drone is packed with several amazing features that can meet the demands of various users.

It is built several sensors that help it to take off appropriately, perform adequate landings, and maintain the right altitude. It also comes with a 720p front-facing camera. Although the camera is a bit limited in its function, it is still very handy. DJI Tello is simple but yet highly functional. It has some attractive flying features that will leave you impressed. Use it to perform a variety of tricks automatically, and record great videos with it. It guarantees you 13 minutes of flying time and a charging time of 90 minutes.





Another DJI mini drone makes it to our list. Although the CX 10D mini drone is a bit larger than the previous model, you can still conveniently hold it in your hand. The CX 10D comes with propellor arms which extend to give it a wide appearance, and this might make it a bit difficult to move around easily. Notwithstanding, the DJI Spark has great performance and features.

The DJI Spark excels in both video coverage and flight. A full charge of 80 minutes guarantees you 16 minutes of flight. You can clock up to 31mph of speed when you are on Sport Mode. The DJI spark is packed with lots of sensors, which gives it an edge in flying and safety. The controller is very responsive, and it makes flying easy for you. You can even use the controller as much as 1.2 miles away with any glitch.

The camera is also another high selling point of this mini drone. It offers a remarkable video coverage with its 12MP camera, which can capture 1080p video at 30fps. That’s not all. When you are flying, you can alert the camera angle to fit your requirements. This feature is usually beneficial to persons who want to capture the perfect shot.


3. Hubsan X4 H107LHubsan X4 H107L UAE Dubai 

If you are a newbie in drones, and you are looking for the perfect drone to test your hands with, then Hubsan X4 Quadcopters is the perfect fit for you. It is not bulky; neither is it too costly. It is a perfect fit for both new and experienced riders. Although it is miniature in stature, it outranks a whole lot of bigger drones in terms of performance. At full charge, it can give you up to 8 minutes of flight time, at amazing speed.

The mini drones are built with fun features such as rolls and flips. Make use of the control settings according to your skill level. This feature, in particular, makes it perfect for experienced pilots who want to enjoy the thrill of riding or new pilots that want to take slow learning steps.

The Hubsan X4 Quadcopter is one of the top end mini drones in the market. It comes in a variety of colors that you can pick from according to your taste. With the colorful LEDs at the bottom of the drone, flying at night is enjoyable and achievable. The Hubsan X4 is not only efficient in service; it is also convenient and can easily be carried around without any difficulties.



4. Holy Stone HS170 Predator 

Holy Stone HS170 Predator UAE Dubai

Weighing just 0.3 ounces, the Holy Stone HS170 Quadcopter is not only small; it is a featherweight. This mini drone lasts about 8 minutes when it is fully charged for 80 minutes. It has a 6-axis gyro stabilization system that allows it to maintain its altitude and stability under challenging circumstances. In addition, it is built with a 2.4GHz technology giving it the ability to block inferences easily. Also, the way the Holy Stone HS170 Is built means it can be used by a rookie or experienced pilots without any difficulty.

If you are in need of indoor drones for one activity or the other, look no further than the Holy Stone HS170. It is a great mini drone that is ideal for fresh and seasoned pilots.



5. Cheerson CX-10 Mini Quadcopter 

Cheerson CX - 10 Mini Quadcopter UAE DUBAI

There are lots of pilots in the UAE that love indoor drones. Having an indoor drone means you can take your flying to a whole new level. With that said, the Cheerson CX-10 mini Quadcopter is one of the best indoor drones in the market in its size category. One of its merits is its versatility when it comes to carrying out fancy tricks and flips. It is a budget-friendly drone that suits kids and adults that want to experience the thrill of piloting a drone.

This budget-friendly mini drone comes with a 6-axis design. Built with a 3.7V lithium battery, you can get a full charge in just 20 minutes, and that guarantees you a maximum of 8 minutes of flight.

Make most of the 3-speed function of the drone to test your piloting skills. You can conveniently hold the drone in your hands, and move it from place to place easily because of its small size, and weight.



6. Syma X12S Nano 

Syma X12S Nano UAE DUBAI

The Syma X12S Quadcopter is the ideal mini drone for a rookie pilot. Not only is it budget friendly, but it also comes with easy to master controls. In addition, it also comes with some impressive features and tricks, which will make you just want to pilot your drone all day long.

Feel like taking your drone out for a spin at night, then don’t worry, the Syma X12S comes with colorful LEDs at the bottom of the drone, that makes it safe to fly at night. It is also built with a 2.4GHz technology which protects it from interferences. It is lightweight and small in stature, making it suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

The X12S is built with a low voltage warning indicator that reduces the likelihood of crashes as a result of low battery. It takes around 40 minutes for the mini drone to get fully-charged, and that gives you about 5 minutes of flying time.



7. Mini RC Drone Mini JY018

Mini RC Drone Mini JY018

The Mini JY018 is one of the best mini drones in the market in terms of style, design, and function. Very few mini drones come close to the Mini JY018 in terms of its visual appeal, and that’s part of the reason why it loved by many. It is a collapsible drone, and that means you are not restricted in how you carry it around. Fold it up, and put on your bag, or hand, it doesn’t really matter, as the Mini JY018 is built for maximum portability.

A single full charge of 60 minutes gets you around 6 minutes of flight time.. Another merit of the Mini JY018 is the front camera. Boasting of a 120-degree field of view with 2MP, and an ability to record up to 720p, video and picture fanatics will love the options this mini drone provides.

Controlling the drone is easy. You can either use the controller that comes with the drone-like you would see in most drones, or use your smartphone. Either way, you get an enjoyable riding experience.



8. EACHINE E010 Mini Drone


There are not so many drones in Dubai and in the UAE at large that are suitable for indoor usage as much as the EACHINE E010 mini drone. It is the ideal rookie drone, designed to give you an enjoyable flying experience both indoors and outside. This quadcopter is very durable, thanks to the propeller ducts that help to shield the propellers and allow you to come in contact with objects without falling down.

Use the one-key return and 360-degree rollover button to return the drone to your position. At full charge, the E010 offers a total flying time of 5 minutes.



9. JJRC H20 Mini RC Quadcopter

JJRC H20 Mini RC Quadcopter UAE Dubai

One of the stylish mini drones out there is the JJRC H20 mini hexacopter. The design alone will make you fall in love with this mini drone instantly. Just as the drone is visually appealing, so also is its features and performance. It is a budget-friendly drone that is convenient and built to render a remarkable service to you.

Don’t be fooled by the small size, it flies amazingly well, and it is very responsive to control. Make use of the 3D rollover and see what fun the drone has for you. It has a 6-axis gyro stabilization system that allows it to maintain its altitude and stability in windy conditions.

A 20 minutes full charge will give you a maximum of 8 minutes of flight time. You can test your piloting skills with the two-speed mode of the drone.

You can take the JJRC for a ride around the neighborhood at night thanks to the colorful LEDs at the bottom of the drone. The maximum range of the drone is about 60 meters, which is more than enough for a mini drone.



10. JJRC H36 Mini Drone 

Prosperveil Jjrc H36 Mini Drone UAE Dubai

One of the best mini drones in the market is the Prosperveil JJRC H36 mini-drone. Although it is currently among the pocket-friendly drones in the market, it doesn’t limit its performance in any way. It comes with a dual speed option that makes it very easy to control.

Even with its small size, the drone is foldable, giving you the option to take it with you anywhere, anytime. The front camera offers 720p videos, suitable for those special and loving moments. Also, the drone has an altitude hold feature that lets you take amazing pictures and videos, even under challenging conditions.

The battery takes about 2 hours to charge fully, and that gives you a flying time of around 7 minutes. Due to its size, the maximum range of the drone is 40 meters. It has a 6-axis gyro stabilization system that allows it to maintain its altitude and stability in difficult situations.



Final thoughts

Drones are not just for the future, they are for the present, and with the advent of mini-drones, more and more people can get their hands on quality drones at pocket-friendly prices. We’ve created this review guide to check out the top 10 popular mini drones in 2019. Each one the drones in this review guarantees an enjoyable experience. Get your hands on one, and see for yourself.

Also let us know which one would be Your pick on the comments section below!  Have fun! 🙂


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