If you’re reading this as a parent, we can surely say that your kids might have seen you or someone else flying an expensive camera drone and are desperate to fly themselves. If so! Don’t worry then. We’ve got you covered with the Top 8 best drones with camera for kids here in this guide that your kids would love to have.

Children of all ages are obsessed with flying gadgets. No matter if it is a paper plane or a flying toy, they love to watch them in action in the air. Now the technology has taken over! Drones are in boosting demand these days. In such a considerable hype, your kids might want to get their hands on such a flying gadget. Handing over a pricier drone to kids is still not the best decision, so here we’ve got some best drones with camera for kids loaded with several features.  

The best kids’ drones with cameras are easy to fly and way cheaper than a standard pro-level drone. Choosing the best drone for teenagers might seem an easy task but is not. You have to consider many factors, including safety, age limit, size, power, and much more. But you don’t need to worry as we have eased your job. 

Here in this guide, we’ll walk you through the top 8 best drones with camera for kids with high user ratings and expert recommendations. Keep reading as this guide is going to be very useful for you! Let’s dive into details.

Benefits of Best Drones with Camera:

There are a few reasons why your kids should keep their hands on these modern flying gadgets. Let’s explore:

1. Wire Brains to Technology

The first and foremost reason is that technology has taken over everything these days. Your kids must stay updated with new things to match the pace of this world. Only the video games and consoles cannot do justice with the technology as some practical skill needs to be practiced. 

For this purpose, these kids drones with cameras are effective. The book “Drones in Education,” the International Society for Technology in Education, stated the potential of drones in kid learning.

2. Motivation

Confidence and motivation are the keys to success. We understand you cannot hand over a pricey drone to your kids, but what about the drones for kids? These gadgets are loaded with features like auto-stabilization, safety mechanisms, and much more to improve the kids’ confidence that they can do wonders in life!

3. They can explore nature

On a trip to mountain areas, the sight from the height is pleasurable to watch! That’s what these drones can do. Hot air balloons and helicopter flights have their fun but are a little outdated when it comes to capturing the shots from the sky. You can explore the areas where you cannot go with just a single drone. These top 8 best drones with camera for kids will let your young ones experience the beauty of nature.

4. Fun Games for Kids

They can play games with their drones like the racing, obstacle course, and payload to challenge their skills and responsiveness.

What To Look While Buying The Best Drones With Camera

Instead, you step into the market with an empty head, let’s walk through some quick tips that will help you make the best deal for drones with cameras for kids.

  • Safety First: Make sure the drone has all the safety features like auto-stabilization, proper warnings, a smooth controller, and more.
  • Lightweight and compatible: Make sure that the drone is lightweight and fits your kids’ age. A drone larger than their handling capacity might result in serious accidents.
  • Accessories: Make sure the drone has all the accessories included. So, you don’t need to spend anything extra.
  • No Setup: Buy a drone that is ready to fly once out of the box, and no complex setup is required.  

Top 8 Best Drones With Camera for Kids:

Our experts have precisely gone through every drone for kids available in UAE market (in amazon.ae to be precise). We feel your hesitation in searching around for the best drones with camera for kids due to the short time and busy office routine. No problem! We’ve done it for you. Let’s get into the details of Top 8 Best Drones with Camera for Kids without any further wait.

Quick Comparison Chart:

Image Drones Camera Weight Flight Distance Flight Time Special Features
DJI Tello Drone Dubai UAE 1. DJI Tello Quadcopter Drone Camera 720p HD (5 MP) 80 grams 100 meters 13 minutes
  • Bounce mood
  • 14-core Intel processor
  • Various video modes
2. VISUO XS816 Drone Camera 4K 160 grams 50 meters 20 minutes
  • 2.4 GHz remote control
  • Altitude hold
  • Optical positioning
Passport Drone 3. Hover Camera Passport Drone 4K (13 MP) Less than 1lb 19.8 meters 18 minutes
  • Auto-follow mode
  • Facial Recognition
  • Extremely portable
Motorbike and drone 4. 2 in 1: Drone & Motorbike 0.3 MP 600 grams 50 meters 15 minutes
  • 70 minutes battery charge time
  • Protection mechanisms
  • 2-in-1 one mode
  • Over-current protection
5. HASAKEE Q8 FPV Drone with HD Camera 2.0 MP 109 grams 50 meters 9 minutes
  • Live Video Function
  • Gesture Control
  • Voice Control
  • Altitude Hold Mode
  • Blade Protectors
6. VISUO XS812 Drone with 4K Camera 4K camera

(wide angle)

14 minutes
  • GPS Positioning
  • 4K Wide Angle
  • Altitude Hold Mode
  • Wi-Fi FPV option
  • Smart Following
  • Moving around the Point
S17 Drone 7. S17 RC Drone with 4K Camera 4K 227 grams 100 meters 15 minutes
  • Trajectory flying
  • Palm control mode
  • Stylish and sporty look
  • UV coating
  • Portable bag
Elfie JJRC Selfie Drone 8. JJRC H37 Selfie Drone 720P 200 g 40 meters 7-8 minutes
  • Perfect 360-degrees flip
  • G-sensor control
  • Hover Stability
  • Wi-Fi FPV

1. DJI Tello Quadcopter Drone Camera

DJI Tello Drone Dubai UAE

Drone Features


Want something fun for your kid? This DJI Tello Quadcopter is something you may wish to! Its lightweight ability makes it suitable for all kinds of fun and joy games that your kids can have this summer season, even indoors. It’s easy to fly them with the controller, and you can also take them with you on the long trips holding in your hand as it just weighs 80 grams.

Fun Games and Stunts:

This Tello Quadcopter is not just a simple drone camera for kids but a fun gadget to have. It can do the 8D stunts like flips, somersaults, and much more on a flight. Your kids would love to have such a drone as it’ll increase their skills in controlling the pro-level drone in the future. Moreover, they can have a better eye and hand coordination by performing such stunts.

Safe to Use:

This quadcopter for kids is entirely safe to use. The reason for this fact is its ability to take off and land easily. It features a bounce mood which let the drones land even on hand safely.

Capture Modes:

It’s a drone with a camera! So, let’s discuss some camera features. It brings in various modes for capturing photos and videos. The video feature is not stabilized by the gimbal but is digital. A 14-core processor from the top-brand Intel is employed in this drone to bring extra smoothness and speed in functionalities.

What includes in the box:

This DJI Tello comes with all the accessories packed in the box. You’ll receive the quadcopter, propeller, propeller protection, batteries, and removing tool for propellers.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Can do the 8D stunts
  • 5 MP camera with various modes
  • 14-core Intel Processor


  • Doesn’t fly well in windy weather



2. VISUO XS816 Drone Camera

Visuo Drone BattleSharks UAE

Drone Features

Outstanding Camera:

If you’re looking for the drone with the best camera for kids, this might be the right choice! This VISUO XS816 brings in the 4K camera feature, capturing the unmatched shots from the sky height at the perfect angles.

Flow Positioning:

Featuring advanced technology, this VISUO gadget changes the market entirely. People are more inclined towards this model when it comes to buying the drone with a camera for teenagers and young kids. 

One of the top-notch features that make it look unique from others is its Flow-Positioning system. This feature is compatible with pro-level drones in the market.

Flow-positioning will let the pilot pose freely under the drone as it brings in the extra stabilization for hovering. Therefore, the shots captured are more stable and optimized.

Altitude Control:

This drone has a barometer installed in it. What it does is to make sure that the drone will fly to a certain height when take-off. It ensures the safety of drones and your new pilot kid as well.

Gesture Capturing:

VISUO is the name of convenience and comfort. The same is the case here with this X816 model. It has a gesture photography option that lets you capture the images or videos on just a single gesture in front of its camera.

Additional Features:

Several additional features make this drone stand out in the market. The features include LED light, 3D flips, headless mode, Path fly, FPV Wi-Fi, and much more.


  • One key take-off and landing
  • 4K front camera
  • Gesture photography
  • Optical flow positioning


  • Aerial control could be complex for kids



3. Hover Camera Passport Drone

Passport Drone

Drone Features


Technology has changed the perspective of everything! Who has thought drones could be this intelligent? Well, this drone with a camera for kids is. It has the auto-follow technology that lets the hover camera detect its owner’s face and record it while walking, cycling, surfing, and much more.

No Limits:

Fly this modern technology Hover Drone in the sky-high without any limits. There is no registration required for the FAA. You can fly it just after buying without any further wait! Moreover, discussing the limits, let’s talk about the operating conditions. This drone is comfortable to fly within a temperature range of 5-35 degrees Celsius that makes it a perfect choice in the list of Top 8 Best Drones with Camera for Kids.

Carbon Fiber Cage:

Drone falls very often and might break. Hence, this Hover Camera Drone has its body finished through the durable carbon fibre cage that can endure the high impacts. Moreover, the passport’s propeller is also safe under this cage’s protection.

Gesture Technology:

Along with the auto-follow mode, this Hover Drone Camera also equips the gesture technology. You can capture the images and start recording the video with a single gesture from your hand. What else do you need in the best drone with a camera?


  • It weighs less than 1 lb.
  • Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz
  • No FAA registration needed
  • Auto-follow mode


  • Not suitable for windy weather because of lightweight



4. 2 in 1 Joy: Drone & Motorbike

Motorbike and drone

Drone Features

2-in-1 Mode:

Kids love to have toys and flying gadgets in their life? Then, why spending on both separately when you can have both the features in this toy. It is a convertible model that can be transformed into a motorcycle from the drone right away to record on the ground. Therefore, capture the moments from the ground to the sky with no limits!

Extremely Durable:

The drone is engineered through the durable and rugged material that makes it super hard to bear any hard impacts. Apart from the drop-resistant plastics, this drone’s flight can be locked so that the extra smoothness can be achieved for the stabilized shots.


The drone is equipped with the safety and protection mechanisms that hold the drone in a secure position and ensures a longer life. The remote control has the anti-interference protection mechanism, and the drone has an excess current protection mechanism.


This drone has intelligent features that can adjust their settings automatically. One such feature is the pressure settings that can adapt the functional settings like the drone’s height, hover, retreat, turning, and much more.

Fine Tuning:

Fine-tuning is a troubleshot option that ensures that the drone is at the optimized settings, and everything is regularly working. You can fine-tune the drone by utilizing the 2.4 GHz frequency high-powered remote control.


  • Feasible to fly high
  • 30W HD camera
  • 2.4 GHz remote control
  • Auto adjustable pressure settings
  • Anti-interference protection


  • The camera quality could be improved.



5. HASAKEE Q8 FPV Drone with HD Camera



Drone Features

Night Navigator:

The unique lighting design (the illuminating protective circle) provides you with a powerful night illuminating effect and a vivid night flight experience. Also, the Big-Protective-Circle ensures a safe flight which protect the propeller from collision.Perfect design.

HD Camera & Live Video Function:

With the HD Camera and live video function you can enjoy the real-time perspective from the air & snap and upload instantly your photo/video to Social Media from your smart phone or tablet device (IOS and Android systems are both applicable). Videos and photos will be stored both in the APP and the mobile photo album system.

User Friendly:

You can take off/land/return the drone easily with one button. 2: Three speeds level for you to choose, No matter beginners or skilled players. 3: You don’t need to pay attention in drone’s direction Under headless mode. 4: Altitude Hold is also included for automatically hovering the drone in the air.(Even with your hands off the joystick)

Gesture Control & Smart Voice Control:

“OK” sign for taking photos,”PEACE” sign for taking videos,the camera will make identification and count down 3, 2, 1 to take photos or videos easily./ The Smart Voice Control allow you to control the flight by simple voice command: take off”, “landing”, “left”, “right”, “forward”, “backward”.

Having Fun:

Turning on Gravity Sensor Mode will allow you to fly the drone forward/backward left/right by adjusting the angle of your mobile phone. The Trajectory Flight Mode allow you to draw flight routes on the APP interface and the drone will fly according to the given route. INTERESTING.


  • Live Video Function
  • Gesture Control
  • Voice Control
  • Altitude Hold Mode
  • Blade Protectors


  • Flight time could be improved



6. VISUO XS812 Drone with 4k Camera & GPS


Drone with camera

Drone Features

GPS System:

Engineered to locate the drone. Now you don’t need to worry about the drone will fly away.

4K HD Camera:

Allows you to get great selfies effortlessly, Wifi real-time transmission FPV system which can capture photos and record videos for your great memory.

All Direction Flight:

It gives you better options when it comes to flight with drones! You can enjoy the forward, backward, sideward, up and down directional flight via an easy remote control system.

One Key Return:

Function helps you call back your quadcopter without any delay.

Brushless Motor:

Brushless motor, low noise, smoother operation and longer motor life.

Perfect for Teenage Kids:

Beginner adults as well as teenage kids especially can benefit from its reliable features.


  • GPS Positioning
  • 4K Wide Angle
  • Altitude Hold Mode
  • Wi-Fi FPV option
  • Smart Following
  • Moving around the Point


  • Cannot fly continuously for more than 14 minutes



7. S17 RC Drone with 4K Camera

S17 Drone

Drone Features

Extraordinary design:

Kids love unusual and fancy items! That’s where this S17 Drone fits right. It features a stylish and aerodynamically fuselage design that holds the ability to flip, do stunts, and fly into the sky heights. 

Moreover, the whole body is covered with UV coating to give a rugged look and protection from harmful rays. This sporty look, along with the broken body parts, ensures a longer life span for this drone, which is perfect for the beginners and kids as they indulge in drone accidents very often.

4K camera:

A real-time imaging technology with a 4K HD camera brings detailing to your shots. The picture quality is four times as compared to the normal 1080P quality to record sharp visuals. Kids will love its 90-degrees adjustable lens to shoot from various angles that make it the best drone for teenagers.

Trajectory flying:

Kids love to keep their hands on new and innovative things! That’s one of them. This S17 RC Drone can fly on the trajectory line that you can draw on your controller’s screen. It’s not only fun but convenient for beginners and kids.

Palm Control:

Technology is in your hands now. That’s the perfect one-liner that fits with this Drone functionality. You can raise your hand, facing the palm towards the lens, and the drone will move forward, backward, up and down with your hand’s movement.


  • Interactive Controls
  • 4K UHD camera
  • 90-degrees angle tilting
  • Trajectory flying  


  • Video recording is 1080P not 4K



8. JJRC H37 Selfie Pocket Drone

Elfie JJRC Selfie Drone

Drone Features

720P camera:

The original resolution for the camera is 720 x 576p, that offers you to record the scenery and beautiful shots in no time. This resolution is enough for beginners and kids at a young age. 

Control Range:

Elfie JJRC H37 drone can go up to a distance of 40 meters via remote control. However, the distance range is also affected by the strength of Wi-Fi signals coming directly from your router. 

Headless Mode:

Headless mode is a perfect feature that offers many comforts to kids during flight. They can fly the drone in any direction irrespective of its orientation.

One Key Control:

When recalling the drone, it’ll serve problems for the beginners who are new to this thing. But the one key recall feature will benefit all the youngsters and kids who are learning to fly a drone. It’ll make the drone fly directly to you in just a single touch. 

Amazing control:

The 360-degrees flip and maximized agility are the key features for this JJRC H37 drone. 


It’s easy to fly with stability control. The stabilizing features include the hovering stability and the landing stability that help the pilot fly, take-off, and land the drone with ease. 

What’s included?

The package includes the RC quadcopter, battery, USB charging cable, and four extra propellers.


  • Extremely portable
  • G-sensor control
  • Lens tilt feature


  • No micro SD card (video will be recorded on the phone via Wi-Fi)


Buying Guide For Best Drones With Camera

Buying a drone for your kids requires you to understand the basics of drones and a few factors that you need to take care of while choosing the best one. The must-have all the security and safety features employed to help the young ones fly carefully. Let’s discuss some of the factors that help you get the right deal.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Drones With Camera For Kids:

Location is Important

Always abide by the law! For this purpose, you need to check if there is any law in your area about the drone flying. Apart from the legal restriction, also consider that your kids will be operating a flying gadget that can cause severe accidents if not adequately controlled. Make sure the kids are flying in an open area for practice first.

Camera Quality

A camera to record the sharp visuals will increase the children’s fun. Some drones for kids even feature the FPV feature, which lets them have a real-time view on their controller screen and, hence, a pleasurable experience.

Ease of Fly

Most of the drones for kids and children come with a controller that is easy to maneuver and control. However, some more features need to be present in a drone for young boys and girls’ convenience.

One Key

One key take-off and landing is a great feature to have in a kid’s drone because they can handle the flight easily in this case.

Hover Stability

Hover stability makes sure that the drone’s position and orientation remain intact during the flight.

One-key Return

One key return feature follows the GPS and controller’s position to come back towards you with a single keypress.

My Personal Choice

Sorry, I am not done yet! LOL.  You may wonder what would be my personal choice out of all of those 8 drones I mentioned.

Well, to be honest, my personal favorite is No 3: Hover Camera Passport Drone ! Here is why:

1) Portable, Durable & Safe
Hover Camera Passport folds up to a travel-friendly size that can easily fit into a small bag or purse, perfectly compact. You avoid breaking your propellers while transporting you drone. It is crafted out of carbon fiber making it extra durable to falls and accidents!

2) Great Quality Camera
It comes with 13MP (that is a lot for a small drone like this!) camera. 4k Video & 13MP Photography – That is so Fantastic!

3) Owner Mode
With owner mode you just scan your face into the app and the Passport will automatically find, follow, and record you.

Here is the official manufacturer’s video:

And watch this review by Unbox Thereapy Channel:



The Final Verdict

Building your kids confidence and developing hand-to-eye coordination is necessary at a young age. A flying drone is a more comfortable and fun way to keep them indulged in outdoor activities and develop extraordinary skills.

All these are some of the best drones with camera that can fly to sky-high limits with all the safety protocols employed. Onboard features include the one key take-off and landing, rollover ability, hover stability, and much more to guide the young ones to become a pro!

So what is your best drone with camera? Which one would you buy for your kids? Please let us know in the comments below and have a nice day!

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