DJI Tello in Dubai. Special Offer!

DJI Tello in Dubai (2019)

DJI Tello in Dubai. Special Offer!

Quality drones & quadcopters with quality cameras are normally quite a sizable investment. Won’t you agree? Of course, you can get the cheap toy drones for a reasonable price however, as you may know, most of them are just toys.

We have a perception that if we desire a drone with decent flight time, great camera, impressive quality and of a famous brand then we are going to fork out some serious fortune.

Well, that’s not true anymore!

The market leader famous DJI has released a new drone, the DJI Tello, which is a feature-rich, compact and highly capable drone under 350 AED. We think this is a bargain! Enjoy DJI Tello Dubai Fans!

Yes, Only Under 350AED!

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dji tello dubai price

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Technical Specs Of Tello

Features of dji tello drone

dji tello drone uae dubai price

specs of DJI Tello

DJI Tello Drone Summary

You cannot call the DJI Tello a toy drone as it is so much more than that (Great camera, intuitive and smart, longer flight time, quality etc.). It is simply a very well designed, extremely well built and made affordable to the masses that is geared towards providing excellent entertainment and fun. Once again, DJI are sure to shake up the market with their latest offering.

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