The Best Racing Drones In Dubai

The Best Racing Drones In Dubai (UAE)

The Best Racing Drones In Dubai (available on

Recent times have seen the emergence of drones as one of the leading gadgets to have in the world today. Back in the day, there were only a handful of drones, in the world, but now you can be sure to come across a lot of them when you step out of your house or office.

Drones are a great source of fun, and excitement and they are also a handy tool to have around for those who need an aerial advantage when they work. Depending on the size of drones, you can come across lots of people using them to deliver small items and even pizza. Most drones come with different cameras that allow you to take videos and photos. So they are perfect for surveillance and capturing and filming important moments.

Of all the things that a drone can do for you, the most fun of them all is racing drones. Racing drones come with their one type of excitement. Your typical racing drone is small in size, and it is packed with just the right features to give you an enjoyable ride. Most of the racing drones are usually mini drones and mini quadcopters. Generally, racing drones give you the best fun you can think of, and depending on the model you purchase; you can even use them indoors.

Selecting the best racing drone can be difficult most, especially if you don’t know where to look. To help you find the best racing drones we’ve created this review guide to show you the best racing drones you can find on Check out the selection below:

1. MJX Bugs 6 Racing Drone


The MJX Bugs 6 is a pocket-friendly drone that is great for racing. This aesthetically designed racing drone is ideal for people who are a bit new to the whole drone idea but wish to enjoy the thrills of a racing drone. It makes perfect sense for people who have held a drone in their hands before but will want something that gives them more speed. It is perfectly suited for both professionals and rookie drone enthusiasts. It offers great precision, and power when it comes flying, and that guarantees enough excitement when in use.

Users will love the fact that it provides a dual speed function. You can easily switch between fast and low speed depending on your flying skills. A word of caution though, don’t start the MJX Bugs 6 from fast speed mode, you might just crash it. A full charge battery gives you a flying time of 12 minutes.

Apart from its performance, another area the MJX truly shines is in its design. The drone is aesthetically built. It comes with 2 LED that comes up when you use the drone. This feature means you can enjoy your drone in the evenings, and even at night.

It also comes with a brushless motor. This gives a great advantage when flying, and what’s more, the motor is more durable and can last long even in the event of a crash.



2. Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone


The first thing that you notice when you set eyes on the Air Hogs DR1 is the size. There is no denying it that the drone is small, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in speed and performance. The mini drone is so much fun to ride. It is perfect for first-time riders along with teens, and tweens. If you are a professional rider, and you want to bring out that kid in you, then the Air Hogs DR1 mini drone is your best bet. The unique racer drone gives riders a fabulous first racing experience all thanks to the headset that offers a first-person camera when connected to a phone.

The overall riding experience is great. With just one button, you can take off, and also land. Although it comes with just, 140mAh battery, the 5 minutes flying experience it guarantees, will leave you wanting more. In addition, the Air Hogs DR1 comes with a 480P camera that guarantees you a good enough capturing ability. The mini drone is decent enough to satisfy both a rookie pilot and an experienced one as well. It comes with a cool technology and offers tremendous Value for money.



3. 1080P SG900-S Racing Drone

Sg900-S Hd Camera Drone Dubai UAE

Performance and design wise, the 1080P SG900-S is a cool drone to have. It comes with attractive features that gives it a competitive advantage above other drones of similar ilk.

First things first, the 1080P SG900-S is a foldable drone. Its foldable design lets you carry it with you easily. You can hold it in your arms, or carry it in a backpack. This makes it easier to move the drone around, and it helps you save up on space. Also, the 1080P SG900-S comes with an amazing appearance that also helps the mini drone to look even more visually appealing, and attractive.

The camera is another impressive feature of this drone. With an HD 1080P camera, your capturing experience just got a whole lot better. The camera is built with WiFi technology, which allows you to enjoy real-time transmission, while also giving you the ability to record videos, and capture photos at any time. The image transmission range is roughly around 300m.

It boasts of a 7.4V 1100mAH battery that guarantees a maximum flight time of 10 minutes at full charge. The battery takes about 180 minutes to get full.



4. Emax TinyHawk

Emax TinyHawk Dubai

If you are an experienced or a rookie pilot looking for an indoors mini drone, then the Emax Tinyhawk has everything you seek. It is very easy to fly around, and it offers so much fun. Using the Emax TinyHawk gives you a smooth flying experience. A lot of details went into the design to provide you with a finished product that meets your various flying needs. The frame is sturdy and strong, and that means it can withstand crashes.

The Emax TinyHawk comes with a brushless motor. The motor ensures a smooth flying experience while also giving you the right amount of thrust to fly both indoors and outdoors. The overall flying experience is great for beginners who want to understand what it takes to fly a drone, and also for pros who may want to catch some indoor fun.

The 600TVL CMOS Camera of the drone gives you decent enough coverage. At full charge, the 4.35V 450mAh battery gives you a maximum flight time of 4 minutes. This is more than enough for you to enjoy your ride indoors. You can increase your flying time by replacing the batteries.

Overall if you are new to the first person view experience of flying or you are looking for an amazing indoor mini drone, then the TinyHawk is an excellent option. It has durability, and stability to give you an enjoyable ride.



5. E Turbine Tb 250 Racing Drone

E Turbine Tb 250 Racing Drone Dubai

The TB250 from E-Turbine is a great high-quality racing drone that doesn’t only look great, but it also performs amazingly well. I would say one of the great racing drones in Dubai (that is available on

This racing quad comes with an eye-catching design and some impressive specs. It is reinforced with a sturdy alloy top frame that helps it to withstand crashes and also enhances the durability. The brushless motors that come with the quad give you a smooth flying experience.

One of the great things about the E Turbine TB250 is that it is perfect for a casual fly around the neighborhood, as well as first-person view racing.

With the colorful LEDs embedded on the rear and front of the drone, flying during the evening and at night is enjoyable and achievable. The LEDs can be set to different levels of flashes, along with varying levels of intensity. The E-Turbine TB250 is not only efficient in performance; it is also convenient and can easily be carried around without any difficulties.



6. World Tech Toys Zip & Zap Racing drones

World Tech Toys Zip-Zap Racing Drones Dubai

What’s better than one drone? Well, try two drones. The World Tech Toys Zip & Zap Racing drones perfectly encapsulate the saying “the more, the merrier” hence why it comes in a pair. Race your friends, colleagues, kids, and significant other to a fun race outside.

This quad features amazing speed controls, as well as flip stunt modes. Boxed with the drones are sets of flags, rings, and cones that add a bit of fun, and excitement to your overall racing experience.

Don’t get fooled by the lightweight body of the drones; these small guys have what it takes to withstand crashes. Also, a built-in gyroscope ensures your overall flying experience is a smooth one.

The World Tech Toys Zip & Zap Racing drones are perfect for a day out in the park, or even the beach. Use them to maximum effect, and make sure you have someone to enjoy the fun with you.



Final thoughts

Racing drones are a great way to have fun with yourself, friends, colleagues, and kids. They come with great features that are ideal for both professional riders and rookies. If you are looking for the best racing drones in, check out the 6 models we’ve reviewed, and make your choice.

So which racing drones in Dubai you would love to try?  Share your comments with us below!



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