Dubai is an emirate in the UAE. In addition to the rules for RPAS established by the GCAA above, anyone who wishes to fly a drone in Dubai must also follow the rules for RPAS established by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA).

To fly a drone in Dubai, you must:

  • Register for an operator training certificate program endorsed by the DCAA to provide RPAS certifications. Sanad Academy and Exponent are two approved training providers.
  • Register your drone with the DCAA with following documents. Company name and address, company trade/commercial license, name and contact details of RPAS, operator’s Emirates ID, passport copy with visa page (non-national), passport size photo (white background), RPAS type/model, RPAS photo, RPAS serial number, operator training certificate, insurance, national ID for tourist, flight booking for tourist. Complete DCAA registration here. Apply as a tourist here.
  • Obtain a no objection certificate from DCAA. Apply here.
  • Avoid collisions with people, objects and other aircraft.
  • Do not harass or endanger people or threaten to damage property.
  • Do not operate your drone over congested areas or over public or private properties.
  • Do not operate your drone near, around, or over airports.
  • Do not fly in no-fly zones. Use the UAE Drone Fly Zone Map app, available in the Android and iTunes app store, to determine where you may and may not fly your drone.

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